Synergy.Net+Xamarin = Awesome Mobile App

Posted on Sat Nov 7th, 2015 at 7:04 am

During 2015, TechAnalysts has had the opportunity to develop a large mobile app for a customer out East. The specifics of the app are under NDA, but we are very proud to have been selected for this development.


We utilized Xamarin Forms for this project - a tool that, out of the box, allows you to develop the app in C# and Xaml. The compiler then creates Java (Android), Objective C (iOS) or C# (Windows) as necessary for the different platforms.


Since this company's original programming is done in Synergy, we wanted to keep the business logic in Synergy. Synergy.Net, from Synergex International, allowed us to create the project utilizing Synergy rather than having to retrain all of their developers in C#. Because of Synergex's relationship with Xamarin, we were able to achieve this goal.


The app is fully client-server. All server side code is also written in Synergy.Net. We utilized Symphony Framework, an open source framework developed by a consultant from Synergex, and specifically the Symphony Bridge for communicating with the server. This isolated all client-server communication away from the application, allowing us to concentrate on functionality rather than the plumbing to make it work.


This has been a great project to work on and allowed us to utilize our C# knowledge, our Synergy knowledge and our Xaml knowledge from WPF projects to create a mobile app for one of our clients.



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