Software Development and Outsourcing Services

You can easily expand your development team without hiring any additional employees.

TechAnalysts has been providing outsourced contract development services for software companies and end user companies since 2000 assisting with ongoing software development projects or individual modifications to existing systems.

We can augment your current development team and assist with portions of your ongoing projects, or we can perform complete project design, development and deployment services.

You may also have us perform project management tasks or work with your project management team. We fit into whatever your needs dictate.


Plus, TechAnalysts is located 100% in the USA, so your outsourced software development will be close to home.  When you outsource to TechAnalysts, we will stay in communication with you via email, phone, online meetings and can even visit your office if necessary.


Software Development Experience and Knowledge Retention

One very important advantage of working with a contract development company is the wide range of experience an independent company brings to your project. Since we work on a variety of projects in numerous fields, we can bring that level of knowledge with us to your project.

Furthermore, upon completion of the contract, there is no further cost to you. But, if you need help again in the future, we will be there, having retained all of the knowledge from the previous project.

When you bring on employees, if you have to let them go, or they leave on their own, that knowledge leaves with them.


Software Experts in Many Disciplines

You may have already decided on a direction for your project. You may have decided on a programming language and toolset you'd like to use. You may have decided on a data store for your project's data. TechAnalysts has experts in many disciplines including:

Programming Languages, Platforms and Databases

  • .Net Development in languages such as C#, VB.Net, and Synergy.Net
  • iOS and Android Development
  • Web Platform Development in ASP.Net Web API or MVC
  • jQuery or Angular.js with HTML5 and Web API
  • Traditional Procedural or Object Oriented Synergy development
  • SQL Databases
  • NoSQL Databases
  • ISAM Databases
  • Windows, iOS, Android

Programming Tool Sets

  • Infragistics
  • DevExpress
  • Telerik
  • Symphony Framework
  • Codegen
  • Xamarin

If you have not decided on the programming language, data store, or tools, we can make recommendations based on your requirements and our experience taking into account the experience of your in-house developers as well.


Examples of Software Contract Projects

We have helped many clients achieve their desired results through contract software development projects. These are just a few of the projects we have done over the years.


Assist in Upgrading

We have a client that had a series of software written in VB6. We were asked to bring all of this software up to current .Net software. We knew that their staff was infinitely more experienced with VB than C#, so we converted all of their VB6 applications to VB.Net.

During this project, we also changed much of the software to take advantage of the built-in .Net Framework rather than VB6 calls or third party controls which were used previously.

Since this initial project, we have done several additional projects for this customer, each building on the previous. Thus, they have been able to retain the knowledge while only paying us for the project work we have done for them.


Mobile Home Healthcare System

We were contracted to create a home healthcare information and reporting system for a company. This project was done utilizing Xamarin, C# and Synergy.Net. We were contracted for both the server-side of this project and the client-side. The software needed to run on both Android and iOS devices.


Tub Tracking System

One of our clients performs manufacturing for the automotive industry. They needed finer control over inventory tracking, but didn't want to modify the entire ERP system to add in more bin tracking. We collaboratively designed a "tub tracking" system. This allowed them to track each tub of materials as it moved around the shop, including when it was "up" on a forklift and when it was down. We had them add each machine and storage location into the system, and as forklift drivers picked up a tub, they would scan it up and then when they set it down (or delivered it to a machine), they would scan it down.

The tub tracking system allowed needed control over inventory but didn't affect the primary ERP software at all.


Rewrite Unix Software to Work on Windows and Linux

TechAnalysts was contracted to assist with a team of developers for this project. The client provided the design. The team of developers implemented the design. The team of developers consisted of in-house personnel and external contractors. In this system, all business logic needed to execute on Linux servers. Two separate UIs were developed, one for character cell Linux terminals and one for Windows GUI. TechAnalysts mainly worked the communication layer and the Windows GUI. The server-side of the software ran utilizing traditional Synergy. The Windows GUI was written in C#. We utilized Synergex's xfServerPlus for communication between the Windows GUI and server-side code.

This project allowed our customer to capture over 20% additional market share once complete.


WW-ERP, RB-ERP or TCM Modifications

Have you invested in WW-ERP for your business? TechAnalysts has been involved with developing and modifying TCM, RB-ERP, and WW-ERP since before our inception.

Rarely does an ERP system solve 100% of your business needs. You don't want to conform your business to the limitations of the software. TechAnalysts can help tailor your software to your business process.

  • Do you need to integrate to another in-house system?
  • Would you like something special done with orders before printing pick tickets?
  • Do you need to track inventory on a more granular basis as it moves around your shop?
  • Do you want to integrate to your company's website?

TechAnalysts has implemented modifications such as these, and many others, for clients around the globe since 2000.

We invite you to learn how TechAnalysts can help you get the most from your ERP investment.

* WW-ERP, RB-ERP and TCM are trademarks of WorkWise, Inc.


We Are Local

Offices in Waukesha Wisconsin, Elgin Illinois and Cocoa Florida

TechAnalysts is local. We have several offices around the country. As a 100% US Based Outsourcing Contract Software Development company, we can serve your company's needs locally. You can read more about our history and growth or contact us to find out how we can help you and your company.