About TechAnalysts, Inc.

TechAnalysts was formed in 2000 as a Professional Services company specializing in website design and custom software development.


TechAnalysts has developed software for companies all around the globe.

From our inception, we have developed software for companies around the globe, reaching from our backyard in Waukesha, Wisconsin to companies as far away as Shanghai, China.



Initially, TechAnalysts business was primarily custom software design.  As more customers asked us about website design and development, we determined there was a large need for great websites that took into account the uniqueness of the companies we were working with, without giving up any functionality.


Over the years, we have solidified our offerings, starting with an incredibly robust and extensible content manager, a fully functional e-commerce platform, hosting with leased servers throughout the United States of America and a design and development team that has NEVER needed to say "no" or "we can't do that" to a need of our customers. 


We continue to add services as well as update our current offerings to take advantage of the latest in website technologies.


Meanwhile, we have continued to enhance our custom software development services, continuing to implement the latest in Microsoft .Net Development specializing in C#, VB and Synergy.Net


With many years of experience with ERP, Health Care, Nursing Home and even experience in Agricultural software systems, we have worked with hundreds of customers or their customers across the world.


We have worked with other software companies to augment their development departments and with end user companies to enhance their installed or inhouse systems.  If your system is not giving you 100% of everything you need, we may be able to assist.


The roots of our staff is in several ERP systems, including TCM/RB-ERP/WW-ERP as well as other ERP systems. 


Additional Reporting, enhanced order processing, increased granularity of shop floor control, integration with online systems, or better inventory management are some of the areas we have helped customers enhance their systems.


If you need to take advantage of the latest in technology, we can assist with that, too.  We make it our mission to understand current technologies and how they will impact our clients.


Ten years ago, we added an office in Illinois.  Three years ago, we implemented our very successful Location Based SEO program.  Two years ago, we added an office in Florida. Last year, we implemented 50 additional websites while also creating mobile apps and rewrote a portion of a major software system in WPF.


This year, we continue that same trend implementing websites and participating in large software projects while also adding Reputation Management to our product offering.


When you need website design, development and SEO services, or software and app development services, think of the US Based company with years of experience - TechAnalysts, Inc.