New Year, New Customer –

Posted on Mon Jan 12th, 2015 at 2:42 pm

As 2014 wrapped up and the ball in Times Square ushered in 2015, TechAnalysts was helping a customer take a new website live – Cartoon Freak Boutique (, the first in a series of "boutique" style auction sites by Freakbo Holdings, Inc.

Ultimately, the goal of this company is to offer a "boutique" for whatever a person is a "freak" about. Cartoon items made the most sense to this company to start as there were already many products with which to seed the site.


This auction site has much of the functionality of any of the "big kids" on the block but offers lower fees to its members.


The website software used is a completely object oriented, bootstrap based, MVC pattern system, taking full advantage of many of the latest programming techniques available to web applications.

So, if you are a freak about something (such as Harley, NASCAR, Dogs, Cats, Kids, etc.), check out Collectors Freak Boutique to register your idea for the next Freak Boutique that launches. And, if you are a freak about cartoon items, definitely give Cartoon Freak Boutique a look. If you are a seller and want to save some money, check out their low fees. For the first couple of months, there are NO FEES at all!

We are very proud to be working with this company and look forward to the launch of the different boutique sites that will come from it.

And the coolest thing – they are Freak 'n' Proud!!


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