TechAnalysts is Expanding

Posted on Fri Jul 5th, 2013 at 4:48 pm

TechAnalysts, Inc., a 13 year old custom software development and professional website design company, is looking to expand through the use of independent contractors. We are currently looking for a person with the following experience/qualifications:

  1. Required: Website development utilizing PHP (as well as the obvious HTML and CSS) and jQuery
  2. Required: Website development utilizing C#/ASP.Net (as well as the obvious HTML and CSS) and jQuery
  3. Not required, but would be nice: Windows development utilizing C# and WPF
  4. Not required, but would be nice: Windows development utilizing Synergy

When we say experienced, we are looking for more than the "hello world" example project. We are looking for someone that has actually developed real-world websites in ASP.Net and PHP.


If you qualify in one or more of the above areas, you will be considered. Over time, if the engagement goes well, this may turn into a permanent position if desired by both you and TechAnalysts. Even if you do not have experience in all of the areas listed above, if you have experience in at least the required areas, please forward your information.


TechAnalysts generally has projects ranging from long-term custom software development projects, e-commerce website development projects, small one-off custom development projects and standard website development projects.


Each assignment will be a project. The consultant will be paid on a project-by-project basis. The consultant will have input into the price of the projects in many cases. In the case of longer-term projects, the pay will be hourly as the scope may be too big to pre-estimate.


If you are interested in discussing further, please contact us by use of the Request Information form on our website:


In your message, please include the best way and time for us to contact you as well as a short history about yourself. We will contact you about getting a resume and/or qualifications information as well as samples of work you have done.


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