Why settle for Just Another Website

Posted on Wed Apr 17th, 2013 at 5:49 pm

There are tools out there that, when you create a new site using their tools, you are presented with the moniker that you have created Just Another site.


You and your business are unique. Don't settle for being just another one of the many, many websites that are put together by people that really don't understand you or your business.


While "templates" and "themes" have their place, wouldn't you rather have a unique site created for the uniqueness of your business? Templates are created, for example, in wood working shops when hundreds or thousands of the EXACT SAME THING are going to be created.


Templates help people without their own skillset create things that look like they have skills. Then, a bunch of "plug-ins" can be used to enhance the usefulness of your site, but what if you want something that doesn't yet exist? Once again, you are stuck when you are working with people that don't really know software and website development.


TechAnalysts takes a different approach. We start out by talking to you, learning about you and then create a website to fit your business rather than making your business fit into a cookie cutter.


Do you want functionality that doesn't exist "out of the box"? No problem. We are software and website developers, so we can program the site to do whatever you need.


We'd love to chat with you about your business, then create a look that is custom and unique, just for you, that fits with your overall branding AND direction for your company.


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