Is Synergy an Outdated language?

Posted on Thu Sep 6th, 2012 at 2:14 pm

Synergy - Outdated or Modern?

We were recently asked if Synergy is "like a really old, outdated language"? The problem is this person was looking at a program that was about 20 years old. It would be like looking at a VB version 1 program and asking if VB is a really old, outdated language.


Synergy/DE and Synergy.Net (yes, there is a Synergy.Net) are very up to date languages, literally allowing you to do just about anything you need to accomplish on a computer.


If you look at a Synergy/DE program written in OO standards, it looks very much like C# code with some slightly different syntax. Here's the really exciting part...Synergy allows you to take that 20 year old procedural code program and compile it with current compilers. In most cases, that program will compile with little or no changes.


That can cause for some really old code to come forward, but the beauty of it is that it gives a company the ability to take advantage of the latest and greatest technology without having to rewrite their application entirely.


I've even seen some really old code brought into Visual Studio and compiled in Synergy.Net without having to change one line of code. Imagine taking all of your business logic that has been around for years and years and is tried and true, simply dumping that code into a .Net assembly and now being able to use that code in any Winform, Webform or WPF application without having to change the code. The QA effort would be hugely reduced.


So, my short answer is that Synergy is anything but an old and outdated language. The problem has been that there are some really old and outdated programs out there. But, while most languages will no longer work with old code, Synergex protects your investment in your software development and allows you to keep that old code around until you can afford to change it.


So, whether you are writing programs that target character cell, Windows, Web, WPF, Metro or ??? Synergy is a great answer and the same code will work across platforms and across UIs.

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