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Welcome to TechAnalysts

TechAnalysts, Inc. provides professional website design and development, contract software development, software products and services to our clients.


Professional Website Design

Our website design process starts with discussing your business needs:


Where is your business going?

Where do you want it to go?

What's unique about your business?


Only after we know where your business is headed can we really determine the correct route for your website.  We take a consultative approach to website design and web development.


Of course, every website we design and develop includes a content management system.  But, we don't use some canned, "your stuck with our templates" approach to content management like some of the packages out there.  Our content management system adapts to your design, not the other way around.


Read more about how our website design and development process will benefit your company.


Contract Software Development

We started in 2000 as a custom software development company and continue to provide that service to our clients.


As your company considers whether or not to hire, working with an outside firm can be quite appealing because, once the project is done, there is no obligation to continue to work with us.  Compare that to hiring people, there is a huge cost to hire and supply employees with all of the equipment and facilities they will need and then, when those employees are no longer needed, there is a huge cost to that as well.


However, when you do need to have another project done, TechAnalysts is once again available for you, retaining all of the knowledge we gained from working on your last project.  Once again, compare that to an employee - if that employee is no longer with you, that knowledge is gone too!


Plus, TechAnalysts has experience in many different languages, platforms and tools.  It's like having several employees for less than the cost of one.


Read more about how outsourcing with TechAnalysts can be a big win for your company.


Other Products and Services

A big challenge for many smaller companies is what to do about backups.  We offer a great online backup option for our clients.


Are you a TCM customer?  You may really benefit from our SQL-Sync product design to mirror your TCM data to a SQL Server database for reporting, third party integration and more.